Our Trailers

We provide a range of services including transportation of vehicles.

We only use the best in custom trailers.

They are individually custom built to our specification and not like any ordinary car trailer or car transporter they have a commercial EZY Approach in build and are fully hydraulic lifting equipment and system which lowers to the ground making loading and unloading a safe and effortless one-person operation with hand held controls.

The Ezy loading hydraulic lifting mechanism raises and lowers effortlessly offering as low as 3 degrees approach angle. What does that mean? We can load the lowest cars onto our custom trailer and this operation with the drive on and drive off approach provides no damage to the vehicle.

The Ezy approach trailers are design and engineered to exceed Australian Design Rules (DR) , Australian Standards ad State/ Territory requirements.

We only use the best for safety and easy operational hydraulic system.

We still see our customers face when they see the trailers; saying "wow what a nice trailer you have".

We offer our customers the best support in transporting of the prestige motor vehicle and investment.

Call the Team at MC Car Transport Now for a no obligation free quote or just a simple chat for the customer’s needs.

We are a specialised service we don't work on the notion of price but on service which is really much more important in transportation of prestige motor cars.